Touch screen. Graphics support. Flexible interaction. The more powerful the capabilities of the robots become, the more intuitive user interfaces for operator control of the robots are pushed into the foreground. The new KUKA smartPAD brilliantly demonstrates, on a large, high-resolution, antireflection touch screen, how robots can be operated intuitively.


More powerful, safer, more flexible, and above all more intelligent. The revolutionary concept of the KR C4 provides a firm foundation for the automation of tomorrow. It reduces costs in automation for integration, maintenance and servicing. The long-term efficiency and flexibility of the systems are increased at the same time.


More powerful, safer, more flexible and more intelligent. The KR C4 compact offers the high performance and reliability of the KR C4 technology in a compact design. Its flexible configuration and the expansion capability that results from this make it a real all-rounder.

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